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HTML5 Forms

HTML5 Forms

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HTML5 is the new standard for web development from the W3 Consortium. In this course, you will look at using HTML5 forms, and in particular, the new input types and input validation features that HTML5 provides. You'll learn about the different elements and how they can reduce the amount of work required to handle data entry.

Target Audience
Web developers who need to handle data entry and input from a web page


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Lesson Objectives

HTML5 Forms

  • start the course
  • describe the purpose of the form tag in an HTML5 document
  • add the form section to an HTML5 document
  • describe form field attributes that can be used in HTML5
  • specify how the value and name form attributes are used in HTML5
  • create a password and textarea form field for data input with HTML5
  • create a radio button in HTML5
  • create a checkbox in HTML5
  • create a drop-down list in HTML5
  • use the color chooser attribute in HTML5
  • use the number field in HTML5
  • create a color input in HTML5
  • use the color picker in HTML5
  • add a number chooser field to an HTML5 document
  • add a range slider to an HTML5 document
  • add a numerical range to a range slider with HTML5
  • use the range slider in HTML5
  • add a calendar to an HTML5 document
  • configure a date input field in HTML5
  • describe how to submit HTML5 form data
  • describe how to submit a file to a server using HTML5
  • describe when to use the HTML5 novalidate form attribute
  • describe the use of placeholders in HTML5 forms
  • choose when to use required and placeholder attributes in an HTML5 document
  • use the autocomplete form attribute in HTML5
  • choose when a datalist would be the right container for an HTML5 document
  • add a datalist to an HTML5 form
  • configure email form validation in HTML5
  • describe the basics of regular expressions and their use in HTML5
  • apply regular expressions to form input fields in HTML5
  • specify which field on a form will get the initial focus in an HTML5 document
  • describe how the form input tag works in an HTML5 document
  • describe how the action attribute can affect how a web page will act when it is submitted in HTML5
  • describe how the target attribute can be used in HTML5
  • describe how, and when, to set the min and max attributes for an input element in HTML5
  • test your understanding of the various form field attributes
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