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TypeScript Essentials: Advanced TypeScript

TypeScript Essentials: Advanced TypeScript

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TypeScript integrates with standard JavaScript Libraries and platform applications. This course covers integration with Node.js and RequireJS. It also covers working with internal and external modules operators, contextual typing, and various features of the TypeScript language and syntax.

Target Audience
JavaScript developers looking to gain familiarity with TypeScript


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Lesson Objectives

TypeScript Essentials: Advanced TypeScript

  • start the course
  • obtain and install NTVS and write a basic Node.js application in Visual Studio 2013
  • use CommonJS to facilitate loading external TypeScript modules when running on a Node.js server
  • use require.js with AMD to asynchronously load external TypeScript modules in an HTML TypeScript application
  • use the requireJS JavaScript module loader along with the AMD API to manage external module dependencies in TypeScript
  • use RequireJS and the Asynchronous Module Definition API to import JQuery into a TypeScript HTML project
  • use the typescript-require extension to load external TypeScript modules in a project
  • use the new operator with two different kinds of constructor expressions to instantiate new objects in TypeScript
  • use the instanceof operator to carryout compile-time type assertion checks in TypeScript
  • work with the +, -, and ~ unary operators in TypeScript
  • convert values from other types to type boolean in TypeScript
  • contextually type a function expression's input parameter and return types as numbers
  • contextually type a function expression's input parameter and return types as Strings in TypeScript
  • apply contextual typing to object literal properties in TypeScript
  • extend a TypeScript function by merging it with an internal named module
  • extend an enumeration by merging it with an internal named module
  • merge a class with an internal named module to describe an Inner Class in TypeScript
  • use a Type query to check on anonymous object type in the TypeScript application
  • implement type save callback functions
  • call a generic function in a TypeScript application
  • use the "this" keyword in a class constructor
  • use a for-in loop to access and print out a list of key-value pairs from an object literal in TypeScript
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