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Oracle Database 12c - Backup and Recovery: Failure and Recovery Concepts

Oracle Database 12c - Backup and Recovery: Failure and Recovery Concepts

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Numerous issues, such as media failures, user errors, and application errors, can cause an Oracle 12c database to become partially or fully inoperable. Because of this, data protection is the main purpose of a backup and recovery strategy. Oracle Database 12c offers RMAN data repair techniques that can be incorporated into backup and recovery strategies to respond to data loss. One of these is the Data Recovery Advisor, which can diagnose, advise, and repair some failures automatically. RMAN also offers block media recovery, point-in-time recovery as well as complete and incomplete recovery. This course will discuss how Data Recovery Advisor is used, how block corruption is handled, and the concepts regarding how various restores and recoveries are performed. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that helps prepare the learner for the Backup and Recovery portion of the Oracle exam 1Z0-063, Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration.

Target Audience
Database administrators, support engineers, technical administrators, and data warehouse administrators who wish to develop appropriate strategies for backup, restore, and recovery procedures


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Lesson Objectives

Oracle Database 12c - Backup and Recovery: Failure and Recovery Concepts

  • start the course
  • explain the Automatic Diagnostic Repository and workflow
  • identify how to use ADRCI and the V$DIAG_INFO view for ADR information
  • describe how to interpret RMAN message output and error stacks
  • use Data Recovery Advisor in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control to diagnose and repair failures
  • use Data Recovery Advisor RMAN command line to diagnose and repair failures
  • use the Data Recovery Advisor views
  • repair a database failure
  • detect and handle block corruption
  • identify the parameters that can be set to detect block corruption
  • repair block corruption
  • perform block media recovery
  • identify the characteristics of automatic block repair
  • diagnose database failures and repair them
  • identify how to recover from a file loss or data failure
  • describe the restore and recover commands
  • describe the phases of instance recovery
  • tune the instance recovery process
  • describe complete and incomplete recovery
  • understand the restore and recovery concepts
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