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Oracle Database 12c - Backup and Recovery: Using Flashback Technologies

Oracle Database 12c - Backup and Recovery: Using Flashback Technologies

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Oracle Database 12c provides the Flashback technologies to enable databases, tables, and transactions to be flashed back. This allows users to view data from the past and apply that data to the database, if necessary. Oracle offers Flashback Database, Flashback Table, Flashback Query, and Flashback Transaction Query. Flashback Drop can be used to reinstate a dropped table from the recycle bin. This course describes and shows how to use these Flashback technologies. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that helps prepare the learner for the Backup and Recovery portion of the Oracle exam 1Z0-063, Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration.

Target Audience
Database administrators, support engineers, technical administrators, and data warehouse administrators who wish to develop appropriate strategies for backup, restore, and recovery procedures


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Oracle Database 12c - Backup and Recovery: Using Flashback Technologies

  • start the course
  • describe the Flashback technologies available in an Oracle database
  • configure undo retention
  • use Flashback Query and Flashback Version Query
  • describe the Flashback Table feature
  • use Flashback Table to reverse a rogue transaction
  • describe the Flashback Transaction Query feature
  • use the Flashback Transaction Query feature
  • describe Flashback Drop and how the recycle bin works
  • flash back a dropped table
  • create temporal history and enable archiving
  • describe how Flashback Data Archive works
  • describe transparent and full schema evolution with Flashback Data Archive
  • use the period for clause to use temporal validity and history in a table
  • filter on valid-time columns
  • describe the Flashback Database
  • configure the Flashback Database feature
  • flash back a database
  • describe the considerations for using Flashback Database
  • monitor Flashback Database information
  • create a restore point to use with Flashback Database
  • describe the best practices for using Flashback Database
  • use the different Flashback Technologies in a given scenario
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