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jQuery: Using Essential Features and Functions

jQuery: Using Essential Features and Functions

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jQuery has a wide variety of features and options to tailor your pages to your requirements. This course introduces learners to options available when working with elements, such as modifying elements, cloning elements, and wrapping elements. This course also covers options when working with events, such as capturing events, changing events, and submitting events. Finally, this course provides a how-to for using the datepicker and mouse options in jQuery.

Target Audience
Individuals interested in understanding the jQuery environment and features and functions available in jQuery


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Lesson Objectives

jQuery: Using Essential Features and Functions

  • start the course
  • add content to an element
  • modify element style properties
  • find an element's position
  • overwrite contents of an element
  • insert content into a document
  • replace elements on a page
  • clone elements
  • remove elements from a document
  • get values from elements
  • wrap elements
  • unwrap elements
  • set values of form elements
  • hide elements
  • add event handlers
  • remove event handlers
  • capture keyboard events
  • delegate event handlers
  • use click events
  • use change events
  • use submit events
  • use the datepicker feature
  • use datepicker to disable specific dates
  • use datepicker to highlight specific dates
  • use mouseover
  • use mouse double-click
  • use mouse focus out
  • use mouse down and up
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