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jQuery: Advanced Features and Functions

jQuery: Advanced Features and Functions

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jQuery provides endless opportunities to customize your page using unique functions and options. This course introduces charts in jQuery as well as UI features and functions and UI autocomplete. This course also covers working with slides, the slider options, AJAX, accordion, and working with classes.

Target Audience
Individuals interested in understanding the jQuery environment and features and functions available in jQuery


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Lesson Objectives

jQuery: Advanced Features and Functions

  • start the course
  • create a doughnut chart
  • create a bar chart
  • create a line chart
  • create a pie chart
  • create a polar area chart
  • create a six charts chart
  • use simple animation
  • build on simple animations
  • animate using UI relative values
  • animate using UI predefined values
  • use UI draggables
  • use UI droppable
  • use UI radios
  • use UI checkboxes
  • use UI textboxes
  • use UI animated dialogs
  • use UI autocomplete
  • use UI autocomplete categories
  • use UI autocomplete custom data and display
  • use UI autocomplete multiple values
  • use UI autocomplete scroll
  • use slider
  • use slider with ranges
  • use slider select
  • use slider vertical and increment
  • use AJAX shorthand functions
  • use AJAX promises
  • resolve multiple AJAX calls with when()
  • use accordion events and methods
  • use accordion icon and fill
  • use accordion hovering and sortable
  • add and remove classes
  • use the toggleclass function
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