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Customized Mapping and Basic Querying in Java Hibernate

Customized Mapping and Basic Querying in Java Hibernate

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Java Hibernate enables you to map Java objects to database tables using annotations or XML files. In this course, you'll learn about identity generation, annotations, and how to customize mappings. You'll also learn basic querying using HQL – a SQL-like query language designed for Hibernate.

Target Audience
Java developers who wish to use Hibernate ORM


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Lesson Objectives

Customized Mapping and Basic Querying in Java Hibernate

  • start the course
  • apply the JOINED strategy when mapping Java classes to the database using Hibernate
  • configure Java Hibernate to work with your applications
  • apply the Single Table strategy as a solution for mapping into a database in Java Hibernate
  • use Annotations to assign IDs to rows in Java Hibernate
  • use Identity Generation in XML using Java Hibernate
  • use custom SQL in annotations in Java Hibernate
  • create a database index in Java Hibernate
  • define property mapping using annotations in Java Hibernate
  • configure a fetching strategy by defining lazy and eager loading using either annotations or XML mapping in Java Hibernation
  • refine basic mapping in JPA and Java Hibernate
  • use advanced ID options in Java Hibernate
  • use @Table and @SecondaryTable in Java Hibernate
  • use class tag options in Java Hibernate
  • use advanced XML table mapping in Java Hibernate
  • use custom SQL in XML mappings in Java Hibernate
  • perform detailed property mapping in Java Hibernate by specifying controls in the property and column tags within XML
  • embed objects in Java Hibernate with the @Embeddable annotation or through XML with the component tag
  • perform basic querying using HQL in Java Hibernate
  • perform basic querying with simple Java method calls using the Criteria API in Hibernate
  • order and paginate result data using advanced query management options in HQL and Criteria objects within Java Hibernate
  • structure a database query using a Query by Example strategy in a Criteria object within Hibernate
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