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Fundamentals of Apache Web Services

Fundamentals of Apache Web Services

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A Web service is a communication method between two devices over a network. Apache CXF is an open-source Web services framework. CXF helps build services using frontend APIs. These services use a variety of protocols such as SOAP, XML/HTTP, and RESTful HTTP. This course will cover an overview of the Apache CXF framework, using Apache Tomcat, and how to unit test RESTful services.

Target Audience
Individuals seeking to further their understanding of Apache Web Services


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Lesson Objectives

Fundamentals of Apache Web Services

  • start the course
  • describe what SOA is
  • describe Web services technologies
  • describe SOAP Web service specifications
  • describe the Apache CXF framework
  • describe what Maven is
  • describe what the Apache CXF bus is
  • describe what the Apache CXF data bindings are
  • describe what the Apache CXF transports are
  • create a Web service project with a Maven Archetype
  • identify CXF Eclipse tools
  • use Apache Tomcat
  • create a simple Web service
  • create a client
  • describe what a Contract-first Web service is
  • create a WSDL contract
  • identify parts of the XML schema
  • create a service implementation from the WSDL
  • create a service client from the WSDL
  • test services
  • describe what RESTful Web services are
  • identify the specifications for the JAX-RS Web services
  • create a RESTful Web service
  • invoke a RESTful Web service
  • register a RESTful service
  • perform unit testing on a RESTful service
  • describe how JSON message support is accomplished
  • use exception handling in CXF REST
  • recall how attachment handling is done in CXF REST Services
  • understand the fundamental concepts of Apache
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