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RavenDB Overview

RavenDB Overview

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RavenDB is the most popular NoSQL database for the .Net world. It is open source, extremely fast, and very intuitive. RavenDB is a document-oriented database designed for storing, retrieving, and managing semi-structured data. In this course, you will learn about the Management Studio and in code. You will also learn how to set up and connect to a RavenDB instance, and how to work with documents and indexes.

Target Audience
NoSQL developers who wish to expand their skills with RavenDB


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Lesson Objectives

RavenDB Overview

  • start the course
  • describe what RavenDB is and how it differs from a relational database
  • start the server as a console application
  • add RavenDB to your project and connect to an instance
  • describe the RavenDB Management Studio
  • create a document session
  • write documents
  • use Raven Studio to manage documents
  • read documents
  • run queries over documents
  • update and delete documents
  • use Etags (entity tags) for concurrency control
  • patch a document using code
  • use Raven Studio to patch a document
  • describe object relationships
  • recall how asynchronous operations are done on documents
  • perform a bulk insert
  • describe the Changes API and how to use it
  • describe what indexes are and how they are used within RavenDB
  • create and use dynamic indexes
  • use static indexes in code
  • create a reduce function for an index
  • work with documents in RavenDB
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