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RavenDB Integration

RavenDB Integration

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RavenDB has combined the best of relational databases with that of document databases. It is scalable, extensible, and extremely powerful. RavenDB is a document-oriented database for .Net. In this course, you will learn how to work with transformers, how to accomplish scaling, how to set up for an MVC application, and how to manage your system.

Target Audience
NoSQL developers who wish to expand their skills with RavenDB


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Lesson Objectives

RavenDB Integration

  • start the course
  • determine if a result set is stale, what implications it may have, and how to force non-stale results when necessary
  • describe what the Transformresults is used for
  • create a multimap index
  • perform full-text search queries
  • augment full-text searching with suggestions
  • implement paging
  • work with large result sets via streaming
  • set up RavenDB as a system service
  • set up RavenDB as an IIS application
  • reference the embedded client
  • set up RavenDB to run in Memory
  • describe blind sharding
  • perform sharding based on the data
  • run a replication in a master-slave environment
  • run a replication in a multi-master environment
  • build apps that failover to replication destinations transparently
  • set up an MVC Web app with RavenDB
  • create a RavenDB base controller for use in an MVC application
  • create an MVC Web app with RavenDB as the login and identity provider
  • manage and debug RavenDB through the low-level HTTP API
  • import and export data and databases
  • back up a RavenDB database manually or through automatic periodic backup
  • set up a RavenDB database with access restricted to API keys
  • set up a RavenDB database with access restricted to Windows ACLs
  • use some advanced features of RavenDB
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