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WordPress Advanced Themes and Administration

WordPress Advanced Themes and Administration

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WordPress is one of the most powerful, versatile, and flexible content management systems, making it a great choice for every kind of Web project. It is also a free open-source blogging tool. In this course, you will learn how to create and manage themes, perform administration, and look into the options when considering to move your site.

Target Audience
Web site designers who want to become more familiar with WordPress and its functionality


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

WordPress Advanced Themes and Administration

  • Start the course
  • build theme files
  • describe template files
  • describe how the template hierarchy is used
  • recall how and when to use conditional tags
  • describe different theme functions
  • modify themes using the best practice of creating child themes
  • create custom post types and fields
  • applying custom post types and fields
  • recall how the loop works
  • modify the loop
  • access post information outside the loop
  • increase search engine optimization
  • add stylesheets
  • add JavaScript
  • create theme frameworks for large sites
  • recognize different database errors and what they indicate
  • recall how to implement responsive design elements
  • create and configure user accounts
  • describe the different roles that can be applied
  • move a site
  • recall what to consider for a site move
  • Recognize how your site operates and administer it
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