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Red Hat Certified System Administrator: Advanced Networking

Red Hat Certified System Administrator: Advanced Networking

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Linux networking can be very complex and being able to use the features and tools effectively is a fundamental requirement for any System Administrator. In this course you will learn how to configure many fairly common or standard Linux network services and be able to configure the built-in firewall to secure the system. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RHCSA exam (EX200).

Target Audience
Established IT professionals who wish to acquire job skills and to be trained specifically to pass the Red Hat RHCSA EX200 certification exam.


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Lesson Objectives

Red Hat Certified System Administrator: Advanced Networking

  • start the course
  • work with network services through SystemD Services
  • configure a basic bind service
  • configure a basic dhcpd service
  • configure a basic ntpd service
  • configure a system to use Precision Time Protocol
  • configure the logging server to store logs sent from external servers
  • configure a basic smbd service
  • use Samba to share a directory with Windows clients
  • configure a basic sshd service
  • configure a basic web service
  • configure a basic telnet service
  • configure a basic ftp service
  • configure a basic squid proxy service
  • configure a basic mail server
  • use the Security Level Configuration Tool to manage a basic firewall
  • describe the sections of the firewall and the basics of how the firewall rules are configured
  • add and delete rules to an iptable configured firewall
  • save and restore iptable rulesets
  • configure the system to use a set of firewall rules on boot from the shell
  • add a rule to allow a network service port through the firewall
  • use the advanced features of the firewall manager
  • add a limit to the firewall for certain types of traffic
  • start a network service add a rule to the firewall to allow external access to the service
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