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AngularJS and TypeScript

AngularJS and TypeScript

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AngularJS is designed to facilitate the development of rich, robust, single-page web applications. This course will teach you how to get started building AngularJS applications with using TypeScript.

Target Audience
Web developers with a basic understanding of developing AngularJS apps who wish to learn more advanced concepts related to AngularJS


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

AngularJS and TypeScript

  • start the course
  • describe the TypeScript language and its purpose
  • set up Visual Studio 2013 to provide maximum TypeScript development support
  • differentiate between normal JavaScript functions and TypeScript functions and identify integrated development environment or IDE errors when incorrectly defining TypeScript functions
  • define TypeScript classes for use
  • define TypeScript interfaces for use
  • install AngularJS dependencies for working with TypeScript and link to script files in index.html
  • add reference information to TypeScript files to identify declaration files to be used
  • define a TypeScript module in app.ts and define an AngularJS app module within it
  • use a TypeScript class to provide configuration for an AngularJS app
  • use TypeScript to add a run block to an AngularJS app
  • use TypeScript to add values to an AngularJS app
  • use TypeScript to add constants to an AngularJS app
  • extend the ng.IScope interface to add custom scope properties
  • create and use a TypeScript class that represents an AngularJS controller
  • create AngularJS services using TypeScript
  • create AngularJS factories using TypeScript
  • create AngularJS providers using TypeScript
  • create AngularJS directives using TypeScript
  • configure routes in an AngularJS app using TypeScript
  • request remote resources using AngularJS and TypeScript
  • install dependencies for writing Jasmine tests using TypeScript
  • set up the Karma test runner for running tests
  • create and execute unit tests in an AngularJS application built using TypeScript
  • create AngularJS applications using TypeScript
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