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PhoneGap: Exploring Advanced Features

PhoneGap: Exploring Advanced Features

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PhoneGap enables an HTML and JavaScript developer to develop and publish native apps for an array of mobile platforms. In this course, you will learn to publish an app through command line interface; extend your app with hooks and plugins; and work with native API to access camera, accelerometer, geolocation, and host of other native features.

Target Audience
This path is targeted for web designers and web developers who want to develop native apps for mobile devices using HTML and JavaScript.


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Lesson Objectives

PhoneGap: Exploring Advanced Features

  • start the course
  • define PhoneGap command line interface and identify its features
  • create a "Hello World!" app
  • publish your first app through PhoneGap command line interface
  • work with the app structure
  • configure and test your app in iOS
  • configure and test your app in Android
  • extend your app by adding PhoneGap plugin
  • remove a plugin from your app
  • describe hooks
  • work with hooks in your app
  • debugging app in Android and iOS through chrome and safari
  • work with geolocation API
  • access and use accelerometer in your app
  • access and use camera in your app
  • work with network API to access networking in your app
  • work with Bluetooth API to access Bluetooth in your app
  • access and use contacts information of a device in your app
  • use calling and messaging feature in your app
  • access and use file system of a device in your app
  • use media-like videos and sound in your app
  • use barcode scanning API to read barcode in your app
  • use notifications in your app
  • use web services to display data in your app
  • create an app to capture an image and save it in your phone's gallery
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