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Introduction to SQL: Managing Table Design

Introduction to SQL: Managing Table Design

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As with any development skill in the industry, learning the core fundamentals creates a foundation. In this course you will learn about ALTER and CREATE, constraints and their use, grouping and aggregating concepts, using SQL arithmetic, and the various string functions. This course will provide concepts and strategies to form a more thorough approach to database management and assist you by providing a clearer picture of what SQL is all about. By the end of these courses, you will be well on your way to creating efficient and easily manageable databases and have fun while doing it.

Target Audience
Individuals interested in gaining a broader understanding of how to manage data with grouping and string functions in SQL


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Lesson Objectives

Introduction to SQL: Managing Table Design

  • start the course
  • use PRIMARY KEY in SQL
  • use both CREATE TABLE and add PRIMARY KEY constraint in SQL
  • use both ALTER TABLE AND PRIMARY KEY constraint in SQL
  • describe how to rename and alter a table in SQL
  • use SQL to ALTER and CHANGE data
  • describe DROP COLUMN and its use in SQL
  • describe a use case example of executing altering queries in SQL
  • describe the various math operators and functions
  • use SQL rounding numbers process
  • use SQL MIN and MAX processes
  • use SQL AVG and GROUP BY
  • use SQL arithmetic and grouping to create queries
  • describe the SUBSTRING() functioning in SQL
  • using the LENGTH function in SQL
  • use the REVERSE() function in SQL
  • use the TRIM() function in SQL
  • use date functions in SQL
  • use SOUNDEX() and DIFFERENCE() functions in SQL
  • use SQL string functions to create a query
  • manage data using SQL functions
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