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REST API: Exploring the Basic Features

REST API: Exploring the Basic Features

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REST is the foundation of data communication in the modern distributed application architecture. This course will teach you the basics of REST and ASP.Net Web API. You will also learn the components of REST along with a few methods and formatters of REST.

Target Audience
This path is targeted toward web developers who wish to create web apps in Visual Studio and Web - API 2.0 by using the REST API. A working knowledge of ASP.NET Web API 2, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is essential.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

REST API: Exploring the Basic Features

  • start the course
  • describe REST
  • identify the key features of the RESTful API
  • explain REST Services in various technologies
  • distinguish between REST and SOAP
  • describe ASP.NET Web API
  • describe the various features of ASP.NET Web API
  • create a RESTful service in ASP.NET Web API 2.0
  • create an entity data model in ADO.NET
  • describe a resource in RESTful API
  • describe the various components of a message
  • construct a URI that can access a resource
  • describe the various types of HTTP status codes sent by the server
  • describe the various formats of the RESTful API
  • use the get method in REST
  • use the post method in REST
  • use the put method in REST
  • use the patch method in REST
  • use the delete method in REST
  • format the result using formatters
  • define relations and URL API mapping
  • sort the ResultSet
  • filter the ResultSet
  • add pagination support to the ResultSet
  • create a basic calculator app that utilizes the RESTful API
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