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Deploying and Using Jasmine

Deploying and Using Jasmine

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This course will cover the major areas of interest within the Jasmine JavaScript testing environment and aims to acquaint the learner with the fundamental knowledge to support further study of JavaScript testing. The course covers the deployment and configuration of the Jasmine environment, the architecture of the testing engine, and the syntax of the Jasmine test Functions and Methods. In addition, the course covers Jasmine Spies and Functions call stats, and includes a section on deploying and using Jasmine with the Node.js environment.

Target Audience
JavaScript developers and testers


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Lesson Objectives

Deploying and Using Jasmine

  • start the course
  • outline Jasmine and its purpose
  • download and deploy the Jasmine testing environment
  • describe the architecture of Jasmine
  • describe the anatomy of a Jasmine Test Suite
  • work with the Jasmine test runner
  • simulate test pass and fail in Jasmine
  • describe the various default and built-in Jasmine test matchers
  • work with the various Jasmine test matchers
  • create a user-defined matcher in Jasmine
  • describe variable management with Jasmine tests
  • work with Jasmine spec (test) variable functions
  • describe various method for managing Jasmine test suites and specs (tests)
  • work with test suite and spec management options in Jasmine
  • describe mocking (spying) within Jasmine
  • describe the various Jasmine Spy methods and functions
  • starting to work with spies in Jasmine
  • work with spies in Jasmine
  • track usage of spies in Jasmine
  • describe Jasmine within Node.js
  • deploy Jasmine to Node.js
  • run the Jasmine test runner within the Node.js environment
  • Describing Jasmine operations and functions
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