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Installing and Using Grunt

Installing and Using Grunt

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In this course, you will learn how to install and configure Grunt and its prerequisites on multiple platforms. You'll also learn to use Grunt minimize JavaScript and CSS web assets.

Target Audience
Web developers looking to improve workflows and productivity by optimizing and automating development processes


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Lesson Objectives

Installing and Using Grunt

  • start the course
  • identify the functions and capabilities of Grunt
  • install and update the software required by Grunt
  • use Node.js facilities to install Grunt and supporting modules
  • install Grunt using the npm Node package manager
  • add Grunt to your project
  • use Grunt to specify files in your project
  • use modern JavaScript frameworks and practices with Grunt
  • use additional modern JavaScript frameworks and practices with Grunt
  • use Grunt to employ templates in your JavaScript project
  • use JSHint to enforce quality standards on your JavaScript files
  • use Modernizr to optimize your pages for various browser capabilities
  • use Uglify to minify and obfuscate your JavaScript files
  • use grunt-jsdoc to generate documentation from JSDoc annotations in your JavaScript files
  • use Grunt with a simple HTML/CSS/JS application
  • use Bower to manage web development libraries
  • use RECESS to enforce standards on your CSS files
  • use autoprefixer to handle vendor-specific CSS prefixes
  • use CleanCSS and UnCSS to reduce the asset size of your CSS files
  • use Grunt to package your app for production use and update version numbers
  • install Grunt and use it to reduce the size of JS and CSS assets
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