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User Interfaces, Controls, and Fragments

User Interfaces, Controls, and Fragments

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While using an application, users connect with what they see, hear, or feel. Therefore, the longevity of an application is dependent on how well the user is able to connect with it. In this course, you will learn the key skills in using interfaces, controls, and fragments. You will also learn to manipulate shape, color, division, controls, and fragments to make your Android application stand out among the rest.

Target Audience
This path is targeted toward individuals who are new to Android development and wish to create mobile applications by using the Android platform. A working knowledge of Java is essential.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

User Interfaces, Controls, and Fragments

  • start the course
  • describe the user interface class
  • define and use Android styles
  • work with themes
  • create a scrollable text display
  • create an app with material design
  • use styles to customize material design
  • use fragments to layout screens
  • create fragments
  • work with Android market fragmentation
  • create a custom launcher icon
  • work with buttons and text boxes
  • work with passwords
  • work with checkboxes
  • work with radio buttons
  • work with toggle buttons and ratings bar
  • use date picker control
  • use time picker control
  • use progress bar
  • use prompt dialog
  • add items to options menu
  • display items in action bar
  • manage action bar at runtime
  • use image view to display images
  • display drawable images
  • use assets folder to load images
  • manipulate user interfaces, controls, and fragments
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