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Introduction to Express

Introduction to Express

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Express is a simple, yet powerful, framework for NodeJS. In this course, you will learn how to use Express, the Express API, and the powerful Routing capabilities built into Express. You will also be introduced to the express-generator and a simple Express NodeJS web app.

Target Audience
Anyone who is familiar with NodeJS and web development who wants to learn about the Express framework


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Lesson Objectives

Introduction to Express

  • start the course
  • describe the Express framework and its relationship with Node
  • install the components necessary to develop and deploy web apps using Express
  • install and use the express-generator to create a default Express web application
  • describe and explore the directory structure and files created by express-generator
  • describe and configure the package.json file for Express
  • modify and run the default express-generator application
  • configure and use the static configuration options for an Express project
  • describe the basics of the Express Application API
  • describe and use the Express App methods
  • describe and use the Express App Request API
  • describe and use the Express Response API
  • describe the Response API common methods
  • describe how Express simplifies Routing
  • use router.METHOD to handle HTTP methods
  • use paths for serving simple web pages
  • use multiple handlers for a single path
  • create a routing interface to handle requests
  • add routes to an express-generator application
  • describe the Jade template engine and how to create a template
  • create and add a view using Jade
  • render a Jade view with Express
  • use substitution in a Jade template to display data
  • use the model-view-controller pattern using Express
  • use Express to create a simple web app
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