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Working with Cassandra

Working with Cassandra

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This course continues on from course #1, and develops the learner's exposure to Cassandra Query Language. The course covers Cassandra support for JSON, user-defined functions, and Cassandra drivers for various development platforms

Target Audience
SQL developers, RDBMS administrators, NoSQL developers, application developers


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Lesson Objectives

Working with Cassandra

  • start the course
  • work with the Cassandra System tables
  • describe management roles, and access and security control on Cassandra resources (objects)
  • design user security and access
  • create and assign roles
  • revoke roles
  • design/grant user permissions on resources (objects)
  • revoke user permissions on resources (objects)
  • use the LIST keyword to analyze roles and permissions
  • discuss developmental support of Cassandra, and create UDFs with JavaScript
  • create UDFs with JavaScript
  • create UDFs with Java
  • discuss support for JSON in Cassandra
  • work with SELECT JSON
  • work with INSERT JSON
  • utilize the fromJson() and toJson() functions
  • configure the Java-Cassandra connection/session
  • performing CRUD operations using Java
  • configure the Node.js-Cassandra connection/session
  • performing CRUD operations using Node.js
  • configure the Python-Cassandra connection/session
  • performing CRUD operations using Python
  • manage Cassandra roles and permissions, work with JSON and user-defined functions, and access Cassandra via a development framework: Java, Node.js, and Python
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