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Define the ALM Process

Define the ALM Process

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Application Lifecycle Management is a central component of the Visual Studio IDE. Supported via the implementation of Agile, Scrum, and CMMI templates, Visual Studio supports the mapping of development practices to well-established development methodologies, and provides necessary tools to support the end-to-end ALM process and to bring value and efficiencies. This course covers Application Lifecycle Management with respect to the adoption of established methodologies including Agile, Scrum (Agile) and CMMI (Waterfall). You will learn about the implementation of Agile and Scrum with respect to team development and the supporting Visual Studio toolset. In addition, the course outlines the implementation of the Microsoft Solutions Framework to improve the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) process.

Target Audience
IT professionals who manage and control all aspects and roles within the software application development lifecycle; IT developers; application tests and deployment specialists; professionals involved in application production; students studying and preparing for Exam 70-498


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Define the ALM Process

  • start the course
  • describe the key components of ALM processes
  • initiate a project in Visual Studio
  • describe Scrum organization and components
  • outline Scrum team roles and responsibilities
  • work with Teams in Visual Studio
  • work with Team Administrative Tools in Visual Studio
  • describe Sprint planning
  • describe Scrum events
  • describe various aspects in relation to management of sprints within the scrum process (Part 1)
  • describe various aspects in relation to management of sprints within the scrum process (Part 2)
  • describe scrum artifacts: feature and backlog management
  • work with product backlog items
  • work with product backlog Items to Feature mapping
  • work with backlog settings
  • describe sprint iterations
  • work with sprints in Visual studio
  • work with sprints in Visual studio
  • obtain a grounding in capacity configuration
  • configure Sprint Item tasks
  • develop an appreciation for the Capacity settings
  • outline scope-driven and data-driven project drivers
  • work with change and issue control within the development environment
  • work with Issues within a CMMI process/project
  • work with Change within a CMMI process/project
  • work with Risk within a CMMI process/project
  • detail components of the ALM process: Scrum and CMMI
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