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Introduction to Digital Currency

Introduction to Digital Currency

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Bitcoin is a digital currency system that was introduced in 2008, and it is the first cryptocurrency, but what does that mean? In this course, you'll learn about digital currency, including the history of money and ledger economics and distributed consensus. You'll also be introduced to Blockchain and the history and uses of Bitcoin.

Target Audience
Professionals who want to leverage Bitcoin technology in their field of expertise


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Lesson Objectives

Introduction to Digital Currency

  • start the course
  • provide an overview of the history of money and currency
  • describe the key aspects of money and currency
  • describe distributed consensus
  • identify the aspects of price derivation
  • describe the basic factors of Blockchain
  • provide examples of Blockchain
  • list the benefits of Blockchain
  • describe public Blockchain
  • describe private Blockchain
  • describe hybrid Blockchain
  • provide an overview of Blockchain and commodities
  • describe the benefits and reasons why Blockchain provides a secure collaborative environment
  • provide an explanation of market forecasting and Blockchain
  • describe the factors of Blockchain adoption
  • provide an overview of Bitcoin's early history between 2008 and 2011
  • explain the impact of Bitcoin
  • describe significant Bitcoin events in 2012 and 2013
  • describe the progression of Bitcoin as a commonly-accepted form of currency
  • describe various known Bitcoin scandals and hacks, and their impact
  • explain the basic aspects of currency, Blockchain, and Bitcoin
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