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React and Flux: React Router and Forms

React and Flux: React Router and Forms

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Although React has no opinion about how routes are handled, and you can manually wire up routes in a React app. A much more coherent, configurable, and manageable approach is to use React Router, which was specifically designed for the task. Creating forms with validation and logic attached is a perennial challenge for web app developers. This course covers basic routing with React Router, and techniques for building reusable forms and form components.

Target Audience
Web application developers looking to use React for application development and Flux for unidirectional data flow


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

React and Flux: React Router and Forms

  • start the course
  • configure routes in React Router
  • configure a RouteHandler in React Router
  • use params and querystrings for a component in React Router
  • use the JSX link tag with React Router to reference routes
  • configure a page for not found 404 errors in React Router
  • configure redirects in React Router
  • configure transitions between components and pages using the willTransitionTo and willTransitionFrom functions in React Router
  • configure hash location and history location routing with React Router
  • configure the built-in Router.Navigation mixin with React Router
  • configure a basic form in React
  • build a controller view for a form page in React
  • build controlled form components in React
  • create a reusable text input component
  • consume a reusable text input component
  • configure buttons in a React form
  • configure redirects programmatically in React
  • use the toastr library to configure simple toast notifications in a React application
  • configure form validation in React
  • configure PropTypes on components to enforce passed data types
  • use transitions in a form to prevent form data loss when moving away from a form page
  • configure form hydration using a URL in React
  • create a form and routes in React and React Router
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