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Client-side Routing and Using HTTP

Client-side Routing and Using HTTP

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Angular apps are typically front-end based and therefore client-side dominant. This course will cover setting up client-side routes and navigation in an Angular app. This course will also cover how to use HTTP requests to communicate with a server from within an Angular app.

Target Audience
Developers who want to learn how to use Angular 2 to create web apps


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Lesson Objectives

Client-side Routing and Using HTTP

  • start the course
  • install the modules needed for Angular routing
  • set up routes for an Angular application
  • set up a router-outlet element to display routed views
  • use the RouterLink directive to define navigation links
  • separate routing into distinct modules in an Angular app
  • group components together to create feature specific modules that can be imported into larger Angular apps
  • define and use child routes for use in external modules
  • create custom services for use in Angular apps
  • inject and make use of a custom Angular service
  • use the Angular router to perform explicit routing from within a controller class
  • use the ActivatedRoute service in a component to access details like route parameters
  • use the Angular router to pass optional parameters while navigating
  • define child routes that display relative to parent components and router outlets
  • define and use named router outlets as secondary destinations in Angular apps
  • import and install Angular's HttpModule for use in an app
  • retrieve data from the network into an Angular app
  • use the observable object in an Angular app
  • use observable route parameters to facilitate component re-use in Angular 2
  • restrict access to app routes by using the CanActivate guard
  • detect when apps attempt to navigate away from certain routes and allow or cancel the navigation
  • create an Angular 2 app capable of handling client-side routes
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