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Getting Started with Hibernate

Getting Started with Hibernate

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Java Hibernate allows you to create, save, and update data objects in a supported database. You can update or read back these objects into a Java program. In this course, you'll learn about the basics of reading and writing objects to your RDBMS. In addition, you will dive deeper into Hibernate using common concepts such as data mapping, batch processing and inheritance and much more. The course will even provide a thorough understanding of how Oracle can be used with Hibernate.

Target Audience
Java developers who wish to use Hibernate ORM; and anyone with prior experience in Java, a professional working experience with Java, or a good understanding of Java concepts


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Lesson Objectives

Getting Started with Hibernate

  • start the course
  • recognize how Java Hibernate can work with applications
  • set up and configure Hibernate
  • map using annotations
  • configure mapping using XML
  • working with basic configurations, including inserting, updating and deleting persistent data
  • recognize the differences when configuring JPA and Hibernate
  • configure sessions for Hibernate
  • use batch processing with Hibernate
  • use multi-level caching in Hibernate
  • recognize the custom types in Hibernate
  • recognize how to filter data sets in Hibernate
  • create basic tables in Hibernate
  • deep dive into Annotations using associations and foreign keys
  • recognize the various Hibernate object states
  • demonstrate the JOINED strategy when mapping a database
  • configure Hibernate using TABLE_PER_CLASS
  • demonstrate Single table strategy as a solution with Java Hibernate
  • recognize identity generation using Annotations and Java Hibernate
  • recognize identity generation using XML and Java Hibernate
  • recognize some of the main concepts of Hibernate with Oracle
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