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Deep Diving with Hibernate and Queries

Deep Diving with Hibernate and Queries

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This course will introduce mapping Java objects to database tables using annotations or XML files. In this course, you'll learn about identity generation, annotations, and how to customize mappings. You'll also learn about basic querying using HQL, a SQL-like query language designed for Hibernate, as well as some advanced HQL techniques, Hibernate mappings, debugging while configuring Oracle manipulations, and finally, some advanced Hibernate examples.

Target Audience
Java developers who wish to use Hibernate ORM; and anyone with prior experience in Java, a professional working experience with Java, or a good understanding of Java concepts


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Lesson Objectives

Deep Diving with Hibernate and Queries

  • start the course
  • recognize @Table and @SecondaryTable annotations
  • create advanced XML table mapping
  • use advanced ID options in Java Hibernate
  • recognize the Hibernate and basic query concepts
  • recognize the core API extension for Hibernate and it's interfaces
  • recognize querying with Java calls using the Criteria API
  • recognize advanced query commands
  • create projections and aggregations
  • recognize subqueries in criteria
  • configure stored procedures using Oracle
  • recognize how to use Oracle comments
  • learn to use Java-based sorting with Hibernate
  • recognize how to use the @JoinTable
  • recognize how to use
  • use the @Transient Annotation
  • recognize the various debugging concepts including logging with log4j
  • recognize abilities in improving performance
  • recognize the read-only objects
  • recognize how HQL is used in Hibernate and describe how to improve the overall performance
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