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BI with QlikView: Scripting and Designing

BI with QlikView: Scripting and Designing

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QlikView offers many built-in functions that can be used for scripting. In this course, you will learn best practices and challenges with scripting. You will also learn to design effective visualizations by learning the key principles. Finally you will learn to secure your application, using section access and the different types of security.

Target Audience
Business users and professionals looking to learn how to use QlikView to create BI visualizations in QlikView


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Lesson Objectives

BI with QlikView: Scripting and Designing

  • start the course
  • identify scripting best practices
  • create and use scripts in QlikView
  • use table files wizard
  • use the TRACE statement in your script
  • use TOTAL qualifier in QlikView
  • identify and use aggregate functions
  • identify and use conditional functions
  • use operators in QlikView
  • design effective visualizations
  • use affordances
  • identify visualization and analysis
  • utilize user-centered design in QlikView
  • secure your application
  • use section access
  • identify access control
  • create a hidden script
  • identify the different types of security
  • use inherited access restrictions
  • use QlikView encryption
  • use QlikView expressions
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