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New Features of Android 7

New Features of Android 7

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Android 7 introduces many new features that developers can use to create more secure interactive applications. In this course, you will learn about these new features including multi-window support, notifications, data-saver, and security.

Target Audience
Individuals with a working knowledge of Java who are new to Android development and wish to create mobile applications by using the Android platform


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Lesson Objectives

New Features of Android 7

  • start the course
  • detail the behavior changes in the latest version of Android
  • provide a high-level overview of multi-window support in Android N apps
  • create an app that utilizes multiple windows
  • implement activities in multiple windows in an app
  • describe the process for testing a multi-window app in Android
  • demonstrate how to trigger picture in picture in an Android app
  • identify the improvements made to notification in Android
  • recognize how to use direct reply notifications
  • describe bundled notifications and identify when and how they should be used
  • use style resources to create custom notification text
  • describe how to use the ConnectivityManager class to interact with a user's Data Saver preferences
  • describe the key features and APIs used for Android TV recording
  • use key attestation to retrieve and verify a hardware-backed key pair
  • customize an app's network security settings using the Network Security Config feature
  • describe how the ICU4J APIs can be used in Android
  • list and describe the supported Java 8 language features and APIs
  • describe how Android for Work facilitates the enterprise use of Android
  • use scoped directory access to work with external storage
  • review the key features and enhancements introduced by Android 7
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