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Installing and Configuring WebSphere Commerce

Installing and Configuring WebSphere Commerce

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This course introduces the learner to the basics of installing and configuring WebSphere Commerce and troubleshooting installation issues. It also covers WebSphere features and maintenance and WebSphere Store Archives.

Target Audience
Developers wishing to learn the basics of how to use IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Installing and Configuring WebSphere Commerce

  • start the course
  • identify the WebSphere Commerce Developer requirements
  • demonstrate the use of the IBM Packaging Utility
  • install the WebSphere Commerce Developer repositories
  • use the Enterprise Deployment Utility to install software
  • customize the Enterprise Deployment Utility to change the default database
  • perform a single installation using the IBM Installation Manager
  • perform a silent installation
  • describe how to prepare and develop a plan for installations
  • perform a WebSphere Commerce installation
  • install additional software to the default installation
  • install fix packs to remedy software issues
  • perform an install of maintenance features
  • install and enable Mod Packs
  • troubleshoot common WebSphere Commerce Developer installation issues
  • troubleshoot common WebSphere Commerce Server installation issues
  • use a predefined WebSphere Commerce Starting Store
  • publish a store archive
  • publish multiple store archives
  • configure various options for publishing stores
  • use the publishstore utility instead of the wizard to publish a store
  • perform a basic installation of WebSphere Commerce Developer
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