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Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Machines

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Microsoft SQL Server applications can be moved to Azure virtual machines to help reduce costs and to optimize overall performance. This course covers the various methods used to migrate applications from an on-premise environment to Azure virtual machines. In addition, topics such as gathering benchmark data, performance tuning, and configuring availability sets for redundancy are covered. This course is one of a series of courses that cover the objectives for the 70-765: Provisioning SQL Databases exam.

Target Audience
SQL Server database administrators and application developers


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Lesson Objectives

Azure Virtual Machines

  • start the course
  • describe the primary migration methods available when migrating to Azure VMs
  • describe how to use the Azure VM deployment wizard
  • describe alternative deployment options such as backing up to a file and URL
  • demonstrate how to detach and copy to URL and attach from URL using the AzCopy command line utility
  • explain the Microsoft Azure import/export service
  • describe the benefits of generating benchmark data
  • explain why it is important to perform cache warming prior to gathering benchmark data
  • describe the Iometer tool and how it can be used to gather benchmark data
  • demonstrate how to use the IOMeter tool to gather benchmark data
  • explain how the FIO tool can be used to gather benchmark data on Azure VMs
  • explain how to effectively tune data disks in Azure
  • describe how VM disk caching works
  • explain how using data compression reduces overall I/O
  • describe the different types of platform events that can affect the availability of VMs
  • demonstrate how to configure multiple VMs in an availability set for redundancy
  • configure each application tier into separate availability sets for redundancy
  • describe the benefits of combining Azure load balancer with availability sets
  • configure multiple storage accounts for each availability set
  • migrate data using the Microsoft Azure VM wizard
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