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Getting Started with the Software and Integrating Data

Getting Started with the Software and Integrating Data

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Talend provides an easy way to get integration projects done quickly and with less overhead. Explore Talend, from installation and general use to data conversion techniques and working with databases.

Target Audience
Developers, project managers, business intelligence specialists, system architects, analysts, and consultants who would like to work on integration projects using Talend; those who have some knowledge in SQL, XML, Java, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), and are familiar with programming


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Getting Started with the Software and Integrating Data

  • start the course
  • recognize the dependencies required for installing and running Talend
  • recognize the various ways of installing Talend step by step
  • recognize the various elements of the Talend UI
  • install a relational database system to be used with Talend
  • recognize how to work with projects, dependencies, and data files in Talend
  • create a new Talend project and a Talend job
  • recognize Talend metadata
  • recognize various Talend variables and contexts
  • extract data with XML
  • convert a CSV file to XML
  • convert an XML file to CSV
  • recognize various map transformations and expressions
  • use multi-schema with XML
  • recognize various complex XML conversions
  • configure lookups in Talend for data
  • read data from a database
  • read data from several tables in a database
  • recognize how to write data to a database
  • recognize how to modify data
  • recognize how to transfer from one database to another
  • identify the various dynamic lookups
  • recognize the Talend framework and various basic techniques
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