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Microservices Testing Strategies, Scaling, Monitoring, and Security

Microservices Testing Strategies, Scaling, Monitoring, and Security

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In this course, you'll explore approaches for managing testing complexity in service architecture, load balancing, scaling out additional instances, and common practices for securing and monitoring microservices architecture.

Target Audience
IT professionals, developers, software engineers, DevOps and system administrators who are considering the use of service oriented architecture to enhance their service/release delivery solution


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Lesson Objectives

Microservices Testing Strategies, Scaling, Monitoring, and Security

  • start the course
  • define the various microservices tests including unit and service testing
  • define the scope of testing end to end
  • recognize the use of performance and cross-functional testing
  • describe the process in implementing service tests
  • define microservices scaling and the various methods
  • describe the process of scaling microservices databases
  • recognize the process of caching microservices
  • define autoscaling and how it's used
  • define various microservices monitoring tools
  • describe the process of monitoring a single server
  • describe the process of monitoring several servers
  • recognize various microservices logging tools
  • define log management and concepts applied to microservices
  • recognize the process of metric tracking across a span of servers
  • recognize general security practices with microservices
  • describe the processes of authentication and authorization
  • describe the process of fine grain authorization
  • describe service to service authentication and authorization
  • recognize the process of testing and scaling microservices end to end
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