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HTML5 and Accessibility

HTML5 and Accessibility

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HTML5 is the markup language that fuels the web and it's designed for accessibility. Explore HTML5's accessibility features, new HTML5 elements, media elements, and JavaScript.

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Lesson Objectives

HTML5 and Accessibility

  • describe HTML5 and why it's an important part of developing accessible web sites
  • describe how HTML5 improves on prior versions to provide more robust web site creation
  • describe the HTML5 canvas and how it can be used in the creation of more accessible web pages
  • describe APIs and list the new APIs available in HTML5
  • define HTML DOCTYPE and contrast DOCTYPE for different HTML versions
  • define the purposes of SECTION, ARTICLE, and ASIDE
  • describe the purposes of NAV, HEADER, and FOOTER
  • specify how FIGURE and FIGCAPTION are used
  • describe how HTML5 VIDEO provides better accessibility
  • define how HTML5 AUDIO provides better accessibility
  • specify the purposes of PROGRESS, MEDIA, and TIME
  • describe JavaScript and the role it plays in accessible web design
  • define CSS3 and how it combines with HTML5 and JavaScript for better accessible web design
  • define common issues relating to JavaScript, best practices, and accessibility issues
  • describe HTML5, why it's important for developing accessible web sites, and various features of accessibility
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