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Bootstrap and Dashboards with Angular 5

Bootstrap and Dashboards with Angular 5

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ng-bootstrap makes using Bootstrap feel native within Angular, and Amexio components can make it simple to create a data-rich dashboard. In this course, you will learn how these two components can be used to create dashboards.

Target Audience
Angular developers, web designers, and architects building or designing web sites using Angular 5 or upgrading a site to Angular 5


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Lesson Objectives

Bootstrap and Dashboards with Angular 5

  • start the course
  • describe the native Angular directives ng-bootstrap provides and why it should be used
  • install the ng-bootstrap module and its dependencies
  • import and set up ng-bootstrap in an Angular 5 application
  • use the ngbButton and ngbButtonLabel directives to implement buttons
  • use the ngb-alert directive component to set up alerts in an Angular app
  • use the ngb-progressbar component to implement progress bars in an Angular app
  • use ngb-carousel and ngbSlide to set up dynamic carousels in an Angular app
  • use the ngb-rating component to implement a user-editable ratings widget in an Angular app
  • use the Bootstrap Collapse and Modal
  • describe Amexio and how it can be used for creating dashboards
  • install Amexio and it dependencies and use it in an Angular AppModule
  • configure and use the Amexio button component in an Angular app
  • work with the Amexio Data Grid component
  • use the Amexio Gauge component to create dashboard views
  • use the Amexio bar chart component to create a bar chart view in an Angular app
  • use the CandleStick chart component
  • create a combo chart to visualize data in an Angular app
  • visualize time-based datasets in an Angular app using the Amexio Timeline Chart component
  • set up data in a tree view structure using the Amexio Tree View component
  • install the Bootstrap and Amexio modules for use in an Angular app
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