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CISSP 2018 : Communication and Network Security

CISSP 2018 : Communication and Network Security

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Discover how to implement secure architectures and controls for communication and network security. In this course, you will learn about secure design principles for networks, secure network components, OSI TCP/IP models, multilayer and converged protocols. Other topics covered include the following: signal transmission media, Network Admission Control (NAC) endpoint security, content-distribution networks, unified communications, wireless networking, remote access technology, and virtualized network security. As you conclude, there will be a review exercise, where you will list four security architecture principles, name three common security components of network switches, list three types of proxies, name four features of unified communications, and list five SIEM system features.

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CISSP 2018 : Communication and Network Security

  • identify secure design principles for networking
  • describe security for network components
  • define OSI TCP/IP models
  • compare multilayer and converged protocols
  • define transmission medium
  • describe NAC and endpoint security
  • identify content-distribution networks
  • compare various types of unified communications
  • identify types of wireless network
  • describe remote access technology
  • secure virtualized networks
  • describe key aspects of security for networks
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