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WCF Essentials: Introduction to the Framework

WCF Essentials: Introduction to the Framework

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WCF is used to build distributed and service-oriented applications. Explore the features and benefits of building applications using WCF.

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Lesson Objectives

WCF Essentials: Introduction to the Framework

  • provide an overview of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • list the features and advantages of WCF
  • describe the components of WCF architecture, including contract, service, behavior, channel, and host
  • recall when to use endpoints
  • describe the benefits of using messages in WCF
  • list the three message patterns available in WCF
  • describe channels and their elements, including security and interoperability
  • describe the unified programming model
  • describe the concepts of Service-oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • list the layers of the SOA framework
  • describe RESTful services
  • demonstrate how to design RESTful services
  • list the similarities and differences between WCF and traditional web services
  • implement various WCF features
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