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Reactive Programming Using Redux

Reactive Programming Using Redux

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Discover Reactive programming concepts using React, and explore React debugging concepts and components. This course explores Reactive programming features, challenges, and capabilities. You'll begin by seeing how React works with JavasScript enhancements. Next, walk through Node.js features and concepts. Setup React with NPM, Babel, and Webpacks. Learn to use Babel to transpile JavaScript. Watch how to create a React application. Trace the anatomy of a React project. Run and debug a React application. Identify the various types of React components and their roles to build React applications. Conclude by observing how to work with props to manage data.

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Reactive Programming Using Redux

  • describe the key concepts of Reactive programming
  • identify the specific challenges of Reactive programming
  • identify the key capabilities and features of React
  • depict the enhancements in JavaScript and illustrate how they are used in React
  • illustrate how to set React tools using various elements like NPM, Babel, and Webpacks
  • set up React using NPM, Babel, and Webpack
  • work with Babel presets and manage JavaScript transpilation
  • create a React application
  • describe how to create the anatomy of a React project
  • run and debug React applications
  • identify the various types of React components and identify their roles in building React applications
  • work with props to manage data
  • create and debug a React application
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