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Build and Test SPA Using React and Redux

Build and Test SPA Using React and Redux

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Discover how to build and test single-page applications using Redux and React, and examine various testing frameworks that are used to test applications. In this course, you will study these key areas, and learn about client-side and server-side validation, and single-page application (SPA) concepts. For example, you will see how to create an SPA with the React Router. Next, fine tune Redux applications, and use React.js to test components. From there, you will explore Jest testing framework features and operation. Other topics include learning to use Jest to test React applications; and studying best practices to test React and Redux applications. Finally, you will watch how to use Node.js to deploy React and Redux-based applications.

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Build and Test SPA Using React and Redux

  • demonstrate the essential steps and code for building CRUD applications in React and Redux
  • list the validation types that can be applied on React and Redux-based applications
  • demonstrate client-side and server-side validation in React and Redux applications
  • describe the concept of single-page application and identify the benefits of single-page applications
  • demonstrate how to create single-page applications using React Router
  • illustrate how to fine tune Redux applications while in production
  • demonstrate how to test components of React using testing frameworks
  • specify how to execute tests using Jest testing framework
  • work with the testing capabilities of Jest testing framework to test React applications
  • specify the best practices for testing React and Redux-based applications
  • demonstrate how to deploy React and Redux-based applications using Node JS backend during production
  • create an application to implement validation using forms
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