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IT Infrastructure Automation: Version Control and GIT

IT Infrastructure Automation: Version Control and GIT

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A key part of automation is being able to reproduce or replicate processes. Software configuration management and software version control is critical. Explore one such product, called GIT.

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IT Infrastructure Automation: Version Control and GIT

  • recognize the need and uses for software, or file, version control and how GIT facilitates that process
  • install GIT on multiple operating systems and create a GIT repository
  • configure both local and remote GIT repositories
  • add files and commit the changes to a repository in GIT
  • create and use branches to track changes to a file in GIT
  • resolve merge conflicts between two branches in GIT
  • use and filter the GIT log and view the change history for a file
  • compare changes between branches and repositories
  • use GUI tools to view a GIT repository
  • push and pull repositories to retrieve changes or update branches in GIT
  • use built-in methods for deploying files to a production environment in GIT
  • deploy a GIT repository to an Azure App Service
  • automate tasks within GIT by creating scripts for the built-in hooks
  • configure and use GIT to handle versioning and manage automation scripts
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