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Bitcoin Internals and Wallet Configuration

Bitcoin Internals and Wallet Configuration

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Explore Bitcoin development, with additional focus on building wallets using Java and the Node.js API.

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Bitcoin Internals and Wallet Configuration

  • illustrate the essential ecosystem of Bitcoin blockchain
  • identify the essential factors leading to the significant rise in the usage of the Bitcoin currency
  • describe the underlying objectives of full node, validation, and block
  • install Bitcoin Core
  • identify the essentials elements of Bitcoin network configuration
  • specify the steps and approaches of managing and configuring Bitcoin
  • illustrate the essential features of the Bitcoin Wallet
  • demonstrate how to set up the Bitcoin Core Wallet client and invoke transactions
  • illustrate how to facilitate communication with Bitcoin Core using Node.js
  • demonstrate how to implement Blockchain using Java
  • describe the regulation landscape and the government policies governing blockchain
  • illustrate the impact and benefits afforded by blockchain for businesses
  • describe the approaches of facilitating regulatory reporting and the implementation of RegTech
  • launch Bitcoin-core, look up transactions, and set up the development environment using Java
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