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Ruby Full Stack Development: Threads and Security

Ruby Full Stack Development: Threads and Security

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Security has become a large issue with web development, and threads often provide significant performance gains over multi-core systems. During this course, you will explore software security, encryption, and how to use threads. Work with thread variables and keys. Recognize thread priorities. Use mutexes to access shared data. Conclude by spotting potential code execution timing bugs, also known as race conditions in software, and how they can cause deadlocks between threads.

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Ruby Full Stack Development: Threads and Security

  • create and use threads
  • use thread variables and thread keys to access thread data
  • recognize how to set thread priorities and use mutexes to access shared data and variables
  • identify potential race conditions and how deadlocks can occur between threads
  • recognize and use the Ruby Lang security issues list
  • recognize how to handle nil objects to avoid security issues
  • create immutable methods in order to provide additional safety
  • recognize how to encrypt and decrypt data using symmetric ciphers
  • use cryptographically secure hash functions to create hashes of data
  • create cryptographically secure random numbers
  • generate secure passwords using cryptographically secure random numbers and hash functions
  • describe and use security concepts and cryptography to protect data in Ruby
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