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EAI Patterns: Fundamentals and Environment Setup

EAI Patterns: Fundamentals and Environment Setup

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How do you get enterprise applications to work together This course explores application integration challenges and enterprise server bus features that distribute tasks among connected components. You will begin by identifying key Apache ServiceMix characteristics. Next, explore the benefits of Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) that help resolve various integration issues. From there, you can move on to discover pattern categories, such as endpoint, message construction, routing, transformation, and message endpoint. Other topics include how to how to install ServiceMix, work with the console, and implement an integration via Camel route. You'll also examine the role of EIP asynchronous messaging. Conclude by learning how to install and configure Kafka, and integrate it with Camel.

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EAI Patterns: Fundamentals and Environment Setup

  • describe scenarios for facilitating integration with emphasis on various integration techniques
  • recall the essential features of enterprise service bus from the perspective of application integration
  • recognize the key characteristics of Apache ServiceMix
  • describe the essential benefits of enterprise integration patterns
  • describe the concept of pattern classification and its current implementation
  • install ServiceMix and work with the console
  • implement a simple integration using Camel route and deploy it on ServiceMix
  • identify the role of asynchronous messaging in the enterprise integration pattern
  • work with essential and critical messaging elements
  • install and configure Kafka for messaging implementation
  • integrate Kafka and Camel
  • install and configure ServiceMix components
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