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Data Access & Governance Policies: Data Access Oversight and IAM

Data Access & Governance Policies: Data Access Oversight and IAM

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This course explores how a DAG (Data Access Governance), a structured data access framework, can reduce the likelihood of data security breaches, and reduce the likelihood of future breaches. Risk and data safety compliance addresses how to identify threats against an organization's digital data assets. You will learn about legal compliance, industry regulations, and compliance with organizational security policies. You will learn how the IAM (identity and access management) relates to users, devices, or software components. Learners will then explore how a PoLP (Principle of Least Privilege) dictates to whom and what permission is given to users to access data. You will learn to create an IAM user and group within AWS (Amazon Web Services), and how to assign file system permissions to a Windows server in accordance with the principle of least privilege. Finally, you will examine how vulnerability assessments are used to identify security weaknesses, and different types of preventative security controls, for example, firewalls or malware scanning.

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Lesson Objectives

Data Access & Governance Policies: Data Access Oversight and IAM

  • Course Overview
  • discuss how data access governance identifies and protects digital assets through policies
  • list examples of standard security accreditations related to the protection of sensitive data
  • provide examples of security controls related to data accessibility
  • discuss how DLP, user awareness and training, applying updates, encryption, and malware scanning can minimize data breaches
  • map HR job roles to IT system and data permissions
  • set Windows NTFS file system permissions in accordance with the principle of least privilege
  • identify the role IAM plays in a data governance framework
  • use the AWS console to create IAM users and groups
  • use the AWS console to assign permissions policies to IAM groups
  • mitigate data breach events by identifying weaknesses
  • fulfill organizational and regulatory data security requirements
  • implement effective security controls to protect data
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