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Word 2019 (Windows): Creating, Opening & Saving Documents

Word 2019 (Windows): Creating, Opening & Saving Documents

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Discover how to create, save, and open documents in Word 2019 in this 16-video course.  Learners will observe how to use the Start page interface with its simple layout, giving you access to old and new documents, and how to optimize documents with accessibility and protection tools. You will learn how to change what gets displayed on the Start page through the various options offered by Word 2019. Key topics covered here include how to change a document's orientation from portrait to landscape; how to adjust margins, the blank areas around the contents of a document; and how to change a page size in Word when printing documents other than A4. Next, you will observe how Word allows you to insert information automatically using data fields with Quick Parts. For instance, you can insert a document character or word count, filename or size, and much more—data pulled automatically from properties and added to the text. Learn how to check out a document if you want to make edits without other people making changes.

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Lesson Objectives

Word 2019 (Windows): Creating, Opening & Saving Documents

  • Creating & opening a document
  • Using document templates
  • Creating & editing a document template
  • Saving a document
  • Saving a document as a PDF
  • Recovering a previous version of your document
  • Preparing to print your document
  • Printing your document
  • Accessing your document statistics
  • Modifying your document properties
  • Checking your document for compatibility issues
  • Creating an accessible document
  • Using the Read Aloud tool
  • Protecting your document
  • Adjusting your document's protection settings
  • Managing your document's version history
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