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Word Office 365 (Windows): Formatting documents

Word Office 365 (Windows): Formatting documents

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Learners can explore how to personalize a document by using Word for Office 365's formatting tools in this 20-video course. Learn how to change the font, change its size, and how to bold, underline and italicize words. You will learn an easy way to change case with the case tool, how to use alignment options, and change paragraph spacing in Word. Next, you will learn how to use Word's text effects, including how to add shadows, reflections, and glow effects. The course demonstrates how to use the bullet points tool, how to use the default bullet point and numbers style, and how to create a custom multilevel list style. You will learn how to organize text in columns, and how to insert a table in a document. The  course continues by demonstrating how to use tools to visualize formatting and style settings, and how to use different styles in a document. Learners will observe how to use preset styles in WordArt and SmartArt tools. Finally, observe how to use Themes in Word.

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Lesson Objectives

Word Office 365 (Windows): Formatting documents

  • change your document text's font and size
  • use colors and highlighting tools in your document
  • use upper and lower case tools in your document
  • align your document's text
  • add text effects in your document
  • modify your document's paragraph spacing
  • insert bullet points in your document
  • create your own list style for your document
  • organize your text into columns in your document
  • use tab stops in your document
  • use the document's hyphenation tool
  • use text styles in your document
  • create your own text style for your document
  • create style sets for your document
  • inspect your document's text formatting
  • import styles from another document into your document
  • create a title with WordArt in your document
  • use different WordArt effects in your document
  • change the fill style of a shape in your document
  • change your document's theme
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