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Programming in C#: Managing Multithreating

Programming in C#: Managing Multithreating

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Discover how to implement threaded programs, use a Task Parallel Library and explore the differences between asynchronous and parallel programming.

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Programming in C#: Managing Multithreating

  • describe the differences between thrown and re-thrown exceptions
  • using locking to prevent data from being accessed by multiple threads at a time
  • use synchronization events
  • use cancellation tokens to cancel a long-running task
  • demonstrate how to implement thread-safe methods to handle race conditions
  • use the interlocked class for thread-safe numeric access
  • perform asynchronous operation using task
  • use parallel invoke methods
  • distinguish between parallel for and for statements
  • use parallel ForEach methods
  • demonstrate how to spawn threads using ThreadPool
  • use task to unblock the user interface thread
  • speed up LINQ queries using Parallel LINQ (PLINQ)
  • manage data using ConcurrentBag collection
  • demonstrate how to facilitate asynchronous pattern usage for Async and Await Keywords
  • schedule tasks using the task object
  • set up a series of tasks to run in a specified sequence
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