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Programming in C#: Managing Program Flow

Programming in C#: Managing Program Flow

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Microsoft Visual C# is a principal development language for the .NET framework. Learn to manage program flow, use multithreading and asynchronous processing, and implement events, callbacks, and exception handling using C#.

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Programming in C#: Managing Program Flow

  • use the switch statement
  • program decisions using the If/Else statement
  • use the for and foreach iteration statements
  • use operators and evaluation expressions
  • use built-in delegate types to make code easier to create and read
  • create and use delegates
  • use lambda expressions
  • use anonymous methods
  • subscribe to an event
  • create event handlers
  • handle exceptions by implementing multiple catch blocks
  • use the finally block
  • create custom exception classes
  • implement context-specific exception handling for SQL exceptions, communication exceptions, and others
  • illustrate how to handle aggregate exceptions in multithreading
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