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Implementing Governance Strategies

Implementing Governance Strategies

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This course explores the key concepts behind governance and its relationship with big data. Big data are large and complex, often being represented by massive amounts of very granular data that need to be protected from misuse. This 12-video course examines the five main requirements when an all-encompassing governance strategy is being planned and designed. You will first learn to build a data governance plan by first identifying the most important data domain. Then learn the importance of assembling a data governance body for an organization's big data activities; and how to identify the stakeholders that need to be part of a data governance program. Next, you will learn why the members' governance body should be fairly diverse, well trained, and informed of the policies surrounding the collection of data and the procedures for using the data; and should include compliance professionals who understand the rules and regulations applicable to your corporate structure. Finally, you will explore the issues involved in cloud storage of big data.

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Lesson Objectives

Implementing Governance Strategies

  • Course Overview
  • describe the concept of governance and how it applies to big data
  • describe why we need data governance
  • discuss the five main requirements for data governance
  • define the differences between big data and traditional data paradigms
  • identify the types of data that need to be governed
  • identify the stakeholders that need to be part of a data governance program
  • recognize the impact of how cloud technologies affect data governance
  • specify how to design a data governance process
  • describe how to manage a data governance strategy
  • describe how to monitor a data governance strategy
  • describe how to maintain a data governance strategy
  • define the importance of big data, why data requires governance, the benefits of the cloud, and non-IT team requirements
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