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Developing Azure and Web Services: Entity Framework

Developing Azure and Web Services: Entity Framework

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Entity Framework is an object relational mapper (ORM) and uses an object-oriented representation for data. Explore Entity and the operations it provides to make working with data easier.

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Developing Azure and Web Services: Entity Framework

  • describe the need for object relational mappers and the development approaches including database first, model first, and code first
  • create and configure a DBContext and query the database using the DBContext class
  • use Data Annotations to manually map classes to database schema objects
  • describe the Entity methods for mapping an OOP environment to database tables
  • use the Fluent API to map classes to tables
  • work with data model schema definition languages to model data
  • define LINQ and how it interacts with SQL and Entity
  • use LINQ to Entities to query a database
  • perform a query against a database using Entity SQL
  • build a query that uses deferred execution
  • implement lazy loading and eager loading
  • creating and running compiled queries
  • execute SQL statements directly using Entity and return objects or scalar values
  • perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete operations using Entity
  • use Change Tracking with Entity to monitor if an object has changed
  • use Transactions and the TransactionScope class to group operations
  • log and track queries and commands sent to a database
  • implement Entity Framework using MySQL
  • implement Entity Framework using SQLite
  • designing strategy to target multiple databases
  • handling ON DUPLICATE KEY
  • manipulate data and data models using the Entity Framework
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